Ortessa becomes frontrunner in digitalization of waste companies

Ortessa and its subsidiaries Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor Compostering are the first in the Netherlands to switch to the latest version of the AMCS Platform. The state-of-the-art, scalable cloud platform optimizes all operational business processes of these Ortessa companies.

At the end of December, Rob Meulendijks, CEO of Ortessa, signed off on the migration of the current back office software from Pieter Bas (which was acquired by AMCS at the end of 2019) complemented by the implementation of two new integrated solutions from the AMCS Platform: AMCS Mobile Workforce and AMCS Customer Portal.

Digitization as a core value
Ortessa made a deliberate choice for this investment. "Digitalization is a core value of Ortessa; We want to be at the forefront of the market and use technology to the maximum to achieve sustainable results," said Rob Meulendijks. "AMCS offers us unprecedented opportunities for this.

With the AMCS Platform, Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor Compostering will optimize the business processes for waste management, waste collection and waste processing activities. Manual processes and paper flows related to order management, acceptance of freight, route lists, guide tickets, weighing slips and mileage registration will be digitized. Planning and execution will soon be supported by the most modern technology and customers will have access to a new customer portal.

Rob Meulendijks: "With the digitization of waste logistics, we are taking a great step towards improving efficiency. Reducing administrative work and manual input reduces the risk of errors. Because data is exchanged in real time, it is always up-to-date and available everywhere. Customers can therefore be informed proactively and have their questions answered quickly. In short, an improved customer experience."

Collection vehicles equipped with on-board computers
All vehicles of Van Kaathoven are, as part of the rollout of the AMCS Platform, equipped with tablets with AMCS Mobile Workforce. With these tablets the execution can be handled completely digitally. The digital guidance letter (EBA) will also be implemented; orders will soon be sent digitally and in real-time to the vehicles and handled with the on-board computer.

Planning will have better insight into the current situation on the road and the status of orders throughout the day. For example, urgent orders can be assigned directly to a vehicle en route. This significantly reduces the planning time and ensures more effective use of the available collection resources. Accepting and assessing incoming loads at the weighing locations will soon be done with a mobile app.

24/7 available for customers
With the implementation of AMCS Customer Portal, customers will have 24/7 access to a user-friendly customer portal. Orders can be placed and customers have continuous access to the correct order information, reports and invoices. Customers can therefore do their administration at a time that suits them. By automating the process of repetitive questions, for example about a weighing slip or invoice, customer service employees have more time for tasks that add value. The AMCS Customer Portal will also reduce the number of incoming calls, reducing the workload in the customer contact center.

"AMCS is our technology partner with an impressive track record in the waste and recycling industry and their industry-specific 'end-to-end' solution. AMCS invests in technology and also continues to develop the AMCS Platform. Through these optimization steps, we have more time to build on the personal relationship with our customers", says Rob Meulendijks.

Mark Abbas, Director AMCS Netherlands: "We are very pleased that Ortessa has chosen the AMCS Platform. It is a great family business with a real waste and recycling DNA. The management is dyed-in-the-wool and has a clear vision of how they want to become leaders in the market with digitalization of their business operations."