Ortessa now active in Belgium

Ortessa, the new waste group of the van Gansewinkel family, has now extended its activities to Belgium with the acquisition of Lammertyn.net. Lammertyn.net is a specialist in the collection of household and industrial waste and is located at the Doornpark in Beveren. The acquisition was formally confirmed on 20 August. All shares were transferred to Ortessa Belgium NV in Hasselt.

The former owners of Lammertyn.net, Mr. Koen Lammertyn and his sister Sabine, are delighted with the acquisition. "With the support of Ortessa we can take the next step in the further growth and professionalization of Lammertyn.net. Some time ago we knocked on Ortessa's door because we felt that the character of this group closely matched the thoughts we had. We are delighted to announce our collaboration today," said Mr. Koen Lammertyn.

"Since 2014 we have been steadily building our waste group Ortessa from the south of the Netherlands. With Lammertyn.net we are now also carefully taking our first steps into the Belgian waste market. This market is not unknown to us and offers interesting opportunities for a group such as Ortessa. Lammertyn.net's approach gives us a good base in Beveren from which we can look forward to further growth opportunities," says Rob van Gansewinkel.

Lammertyn.net, founded in 1961 by Mr. Marc Lammertyn, has over 50 years of experience in the collection of household and industrial waste. The company, with over 30 employees and 20 vehicles, provides services to some 25 municipalities. The Lammertyn family will continue to be closely involved in the company's activities as ever.

Ortessa is a waste group that is steadily building up its position in the waste market from its base in Eindhoven. Ortessa includes the companies 'Van Kaathoven', a waste collector in the southeast of the Netherlands, 'Rondo', a waste director active in the Netherlands and Belgium and 'Valor', a recycling company active in the recycling of compost, paper, plastic and small electrical waste. The three companies operate independently, but use each other's expertise and capabilities wherever possible. Ortessa now has some 250 employees and achieves a turnover of around 50 million euros. The ambition of the Eindhoven-based company is to become a medium-sized player in the waste sector.