Weelec: welcome to the family!

At the last minute of last year, we acquired electronics recycler Weelec and added it to our waste group. And there are a number of good reasons for this. We have listed the four most important ones.

Reason 1: Weelec is all about CSR
Weelec is anything but average. This is reflected everywhere: in the way of working, in the employees and in their vision. Weelec employs an above-average number of people who are distanced from the labor market. In this way, Weelec offers them a chance at a 'normal job' and tries to increase their well-being.

Reason 2: Weelec believes in the power of the region
The waste issue is one of global proportions, but Weelec approaches the challenge from the region. The sustainable partnerships that Weelec enters into for this purpose aim to bring together the e-waste in the South and Central Limburg region and give it a second life in a sustainable and responsible way.

Reason 3: Weelec has expertise in the field of circularity
Weelec strives, through sustainable recycling and awareness, to recycle electronic waste in a responsible and efficient way, thus putting a very clean raw material back into the market. In this way, Weelec ensures a positive contribution to the circular economy.

Reason 4: Weelec proves that waste treatment pays for itself
E-waste is an expensive waste stream for many companies. Many processors charge fees for the storage, transport and processing of e-waste. Weelec's innovative approach has made many customers happy by relieving them of their worries and by processing their electronic waste in a sustainable way.

Want to know more about Weelec? Then feel free to visit weelec.nl!