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Ortessa's subsidiaries

Five subsidiaries are bringing Ortessa’s vision into everyday practice. Meet:


Rondo has been operating in the Dutch and Belgian markets for almost 20 years now. As a premium director of waste management, Rondo analyses and monitors more complex waste problems in relation to hazardous waste, high-calorie waste flows and food-related waste that is suitable for fermentation. Rondo advises, seconds, consults and manages; whilst all the time focusing on compliance and integrity.

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Van Kaathoven
Van Kaathoven advises, directs and realises. Our waste specialists scrutinise your waste flows carefully, so that you can get the most out of new, valuable raw materials later on. In doing so, we always strive to achieve the maximum result – for our customers, for society and for the environment.

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Valor is responsible for the end processing of waste. Valor is formed by processors with their own specialism and their own view of the market. For example, we in our plant in Sint-Oedenrode compost 48,000 tonnes of organic waste per year, while veyzle from Hoensbroek specializes in the processing of paper and plastics.

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veyzle started in 2019 in Hoensbroek and has emerged from two former family businesses. As a specialist in the processing of paper and plastics, veyzle has one goal in mind; to get the most sustainable result out of paper and plastics every day, together with their partners. In this way we bring high-quality raw materials back into the circular chain.

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Where Lammertyn.net literally started with horse and cart in 1961, the company has grown into a large family business with online waste services in its more than 50 years of existence. Thanks to its experience, Lammertyn.net has clearly left its mark and earned its stripes in waste management in the region of Oost-Vlaanderen.

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