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Floods. Droughts. Storms. Pollution. Nowadays, we read about numerous threats that weaken and spoil our earth, and deplete it of its resources, on a daily basis. Not to mention the poor state in which we are leaving the world for subsequent generations. Of course, even we are able to see the growth in the population with the exponential increase in consumption. Yes, ice caps are melting and the hole in the ozone layer isn’t getting any smaller. Indeed, the supply of raw materials is diminishing and is down to its last reserves. All of this leads to two options: Do we give up on earth? Or do we give earth a new future?

The companies of Ortessa.

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"Our sustainable compost has been rewarded with a Class A certification from Keurcompost."

Valor Composting

- Natural and sustainable soil improver.

In our processing plant, we compost no less than 47,000 tons of organic waste per year in a highly efficient manner. What's more, we were the first to use tunnel composting as a method for this: a method that has now been adopted all over the world. 

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"The goal is to create the highest value at the lowest cost."


- Specialist in the processing of paper and plastics.

veyzle, specialist in the treatment and processing of paper and plastics, has one goal in mind; to get the most sustainable result from paper and plastics every day, together with our partners. This is how we bring high-quality raw materials back into the circular chain.

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"Waste collection, management and treatment with a mission: to be open about waste!"

Van Kaathoven

- Waste specialist in Zuid-Oost Brabant

As a waste specialist, Van Kaathoven has branches in Brabant and Limburg. We are part of Ortessa Groep BV: a group of five enterprising waste companies. Van Kaathoven specializes in waste collection, management and processing and has one clear mission: to be open about waste!

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"From one-man business to large family business in waste management"


- Just a little more in waste management

Where Lammertyn.net literally started in 1961 with a horse and carriage, the company has grown into a large family business with online waste services in its more than 50 years of existence. Thanks to years of experience, Lammertyn.net has clearly made its mark and earned its stripes in waste management in Oost-Vlaanderen.

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"The independent specialist for more than 20 years, who has been helping to clarify, make smarter and more sustainable waste and raw materials."


- Companions to circularity

With the entire Benelux as its working area, Rondo works together with organizations to improve waste management. Whether you only want support for specialist flows, or prefer to outsource the entire contract management: as an independent expert, Rondo, together with the right partners, provides an optimal solution for every situation.

Together you go further.

With the waste industry as its cradle, Ortessa prefers to work according to the principles of co-creation. Subsidiaries Rondo, Lammertyn.net. Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor master the links of waste management, collection and processing like no other and prove the power of smart partnering on a daily basis. No one can tackle the raw materials issue alone. We therefore stand up for new partnerships and cross-chain collaborations.

Depending on the issue, we strengthen our clients individually or together with partners from our network. We have ambition, but are not dreamers. We are realistic, pragmatic and result-oriented. This leads to innovative, fresh and fruitful collaborations that help our clients to deal with their challenges responsibly – also from a financial point of view.

Meet our daughters: Rondo, Lammertyn.net, Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor Composting.

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