Who we are

Pleased to meet you, Ortessa is the name

A family business of waste specialists with a different outlook on the sector. Where others see waste, Ortessa sees opportunities. Ortessa contributes to new methods, surprising innovations and fresh concepts to tackle the raw material problem in a different way. The benefit achieved today forms a vital lead on the way to a cleaner future.

Pragmatic and realistic
A world without waste is one thing, but that doesn’t take away from the existing waste problem. Ortessa’s work focuses on the challenges that already exist today. In a particularly pragmatic and realistic way, Ortessa uses waste management, waste collection and waste processing services to leave behind a cleaner, more liveable and better world.

The organisation behind Ortessa
The call for a cleaner, more liveable and better world is louder than ever before. A forward, proactive integration in the chain forms the starting point. And Ortessa can do that like no one else, because the organisation is formed of five specialist subsidiaries, which dovetail perfectly with the chain.

Meet us
Ortessa is managed day to day by experienced directors who find common ground in the conviction that new times require new insights. Based on that vision, they inspire their own organisation, partners and clients, day in day out.