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Our strategy

Ortessa is a company that has a clear vision, both in terms of our current activities and what we want to achieve in the future. The main aspects of our strategy that contributes to this, are:

  • We want to achieve steady growth in sales, results and area of operation.
  • Sales isn’t a goal in itself, but a structurally positive and increasing EBITDA is.
  • All activities focusing on today should contribute to the long term.
  • We work together, focused on the result and in a financially responsible manner.

Steady growth
Ortessa believes in the chain. In the network. In the potential of new initiatives. But in order to successfully implement the above strategy, we will have to grow. We are achieving this growth by focusing on three types of companies:

  • Companies that find themselves in a phase of consolidation and add value to our group.
  • Companies with matching core activities that contribute to a positive result.
  • Innovative start-ups that have yet to prove themselves, but that we believe in.

Social return
It is precisely this transparent, digital world in which we are attaching additional value to human interaction. The human side is just as important as the business side. Which is why we like to work in accordance with the principles of social return to create more employment opportunities for people who are distanced from the employment market. And last but not least, to highlight the benefits of this social collaboration among our clients and potential clients. The benefits work both ways.

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